Custom Scene – Feminine Ed. – Vol. 2

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Custom Scene allows you to create your own scene quickly and easily.

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Feminine Edition Volume 2 was carefully thought up for the classic woman, the one that likes to be surrounded by traditional items and victorian styles. Keeping a modern touch, there’s a lot in this scene to create a vintage look. Also you can change the colour of some items to make it to your own taste.

Isolated Objects

Each object in this scene is split into separated layers. That will give you the freedom to change the size, position, rotation or even hide the object from the scene.

Dynamic shadows

Every object in your scene has its own unique shadow which will change its direction depending upon the object’s rotation. You can also easily change up the direction of the light across the entire scene at once.

List of Items

  • Birdcage (c)
  • Bracelet Perl #1
  • Bracelet Perl #2
  • Bracelet Gold #1
  • Bracelet Gold #2
  • 8 Cinnamon Stick
  • Clock Left (c)
  • Clock Right (c)
  • Clock Left – Facing Up (c)
  • Clock Right Facing Up (c)
  • 4 Cotton Lace Ribbon
  • 4 Stacks of Diamonds
  • Frame Portrait (+) (c)
  • Frame Landscape (+) (c)
  • Frame Portrait – Facing Up (+) (c)
  • Frame Landscape – Facing Up (+) (c)
  • Glass Bowl
  • iPad Mini 3 Gold (+)
  • iPad Mini 3 Gold – Back
  • Metallic Keys #1
  • Metallic Keys #2
  • Milk Jug
  • Mini Metallic Frames (+)
  • 6 Mini Roses (c)
  • Perfume Spray #1 (c)
  • Perfume Spray #2 (c)
  • Plant
  • Purse (c)
  • 6 Roses (c)
  • Small Vintage Box
  • Vintage Plate
  • Vintage Tea Cup
  • Vintage Saucer

(c) Indicates that your able to change the colour of the item. (+) Indicates that your able to change the content of the item.

Main Features

  • Isolated Items
  • Dynamic Shadows for each item
  • Customisable Color for some Items (c)
  • Customisable Content for some Items (+)
  • 1 Scene (Standard Resolution: 2400×1600@72dpi – High Resolution: 6000×4000@300dpi) includes 6 filter effects to – create unique compositions and a lighting correction layer to improve your lighting scene
  • Includes PSD and PNG files
  • Each isolated item with and without shadow in PNG format
  • 21 PSD files
  • Extensive documentation

Demo / Download

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