Baystyle Typeface



Baystyle is a graceful beauty dressed in 3 weights (Pencil, Pen, and Marker) that sets the tone in a way that makes everyone feel like a guest of honor. Her typographic classmates rated her as classy, carefree, and clairvoyant.

Baystyle has been seen livening up cocktail parties and sipping on mimosas. In her spare time, Baystyle scouts for Alexander Girard textiles and takes whimsical walks in her historic neighborhood, getting inspired by midcentury-modern architecture, refreshing floral aromas, and good interior design.

USAGE IDEAS: restaurant signage, pinterest quotes, diy booths, cosmetics, fashion lines, screenprinted cards, silkscreen posters, storefront windows, lifestyle blogs, indie zines, youtube logos, magazine headlines and pull-quotes, etc.

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