Standard Issue Vector Texture Pack

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The Standard Issue Vector Texture Pack is a comprehensive collection of vector textures. These textures are ideal for giving your work authentic distressed or subtle textures fast.

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Here’s what the Standard Issue Vector Texture Pack includes:

• 30 ready-to-use ink textures
• 10 subtly flawed halftone textures
• 10 halftone shapes
• 10 vector ink background images
• 20 beautiful engraved image vectors
• 10 bonus images (sample pack of paper textures, engravings, shapes and more)
• The Vector Texture Handbook (released tomorrow July 9th)

You’ll also receive The Vector Texture Handbook. A guide that will give you all sorts of useful information to get the most out of any vector textures you ever use in the future.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

• Easy way to use vector textures in your Photoshop work.
• How to create your own vector textures fast.
• The power of using overlay effects.
• How to use textures or just one small area of your work.
• How to effortlessly generate dozens of variations using just a few textures.
• The 5 Step Formula for preparing your own textures to be converted to vectors.

Buy Now and get instant vector awesomeness!

Demo / Download

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