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Bisma is a clean, focused theme that provides a consistent experience for users across all platforms and devices. Bisma prioritizes your content, equipping your website with a superior level of readability and usability.

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Bisma Across Devices

Modern Technology

Bisma is a fully responsive and Retina ready theme, designed and built mobile first, prioritising content and core functionality.

Bisma uses Glyphicons font for it’s icons, has scalable images and 2x and 3x sized ultra sharp logo images. Written with clean, semantic markup, Bisma’s core is validated by W3C, and JS Hint.

Nearly all Html elements have been styled with absolute precision, focusing on usability and readability.

Bisma has been tested on over 100 versions of the top 12 browsers, and has fantastic compatibility.

Theme Options

Control at your fingertips.

Bisma’s Theme Options panel provides access to quickly and easily set site wide options, such as:

  • Screen motion effects
  • JavaScript image delivery
  • Full width or contained site
  • Web app capability
  • Cookies notice
  • Custom head and css entry
  • Color scheme selector and custom skin builder
  • Off-canvas options
  • Google Maps and Analytics configuration
  • Navigation bar, logo, and search form settings
  • Footer content
  • Blog layout, content, new post indicators and author cards
  • Search results messages and layout
  • 404 page message, options and layout
  • Upload favicons, web app icons and startup images
  • Social content sharing options
  • Profile sections to link to 50 social networks
  • Advertising settings and locations
  • And many more

Theme Options

Color Schemes

Bisma comes with a variety of color schemes from base colors such as blue, red and green, through to exquisite shades of cava, rose gold and charcoal.

Color Schemes

Custom Color Schemes

Bisma is built using Less and features a custom theme designer built right in the admin panel.

Simply set a primary and accent color, and your selection will be carefully used through out the theme. Bisma will automatically compile a .css file for your site and no live Less will be used.

Custom Color Scheme

Libraries & Plugins

Pre-packed with incredible extras.

Bisma comes equipped with Glyphicons Pro 1.8, a beautiful library of monochromatic icons worth $59. These are seemlessly integrated throughout the theme and 520 icons are available with an easy to use shortcode.

The official Nivo Slider WordPress plugin worth $29 is pre-packaged with Bisma. There are specially designed featured slider templates for posts and pages, which also Revolution Slider.

Bisma includes animate.css and wow.js to provide screen motion, integration Google Analytics and Google Maps API 3.

Product templates for use with WooCommerce are already in development and will be included in a free future update.


Off-Canvas Menus & Widgets

A unified experience across browsers and devices.

Off-canvas areas on your website help to reduce clutter creating a clean and focused website. Originating in mobile apps, off canvas menus are now used on websites and applications on screens of all sizes, Apple’s OS X Notification Center is a great example.

Bisma’s provides native WordPress menus and widgets for off-canvas areas and social icons.

Bisma’s off-canvas menus use CSS3 transforms and transitions for quick and smooth animation, with a jQuery fallback for older browsers. There are several different animation styles: reveal, push and overlay which can be selected from the admin panel, where you can also disable them for large screens.

Off-Canvas Menus and Widgets

Web App Capable

Native app style.

Sites created with Bisma can be added to the home screen of iOS devices and be opened full screen like a native app. The admin panel contains an image upload area where you can add icons and start-up images for your web app.

Web App

Layouts & Templates

Templates are not just for pages.

There are six layouts options which can be used for both Posts and Pages.

Using the home page template, you can display as many posts as you’d like from specific categories. You can also display static page content, or use any of the other page layouts for your home.

Bisma’s showcase, team and services templates all feature repeating fields, so you can enter as many items as you’d like.

There are also four layouts for your blog and archives, and additional customizable templates for contact, search and 404 pages.

Page Templates

Custom Post Types and Taxonomies

Full support for all custom post types and taxonomies.

Some themes have a pre-registered custom post type, however if you ever decide to change theme, this custom post type or taxonomy may become inaccessible, wasting the time spent adding your entries.

Bisma approaches custom post types and taxonomies differently, supporting all that are registered, even those created by plugins. Bisma offers layouts for custom posts and archives, post navigation and pagination, breadcrumbs and author cards, which are configurable from the Theme Options panel.

Custom Post Type Support

Language Support

Bisma is translation ready and supports right to left written languages, re-aligning and positioning elements where necessary.

Right to Left Language Support


Google AdSense ready.

Bisma provides two locations for advertising. Using the admin panel, simply paste in your advertising code.



Keep track of your location.

Bisma’s built in breadcrumb helps users identify their location on your website. When viewing a post, the blog archive and categories are listed. When viewing a page, any parents will also be displayed.

The breadcrumb is also automatically compatible with any custom post type and taxonomy.


Pagination Module

Access all areas.

Bisma’s pagination module provides instance access to all areas of your blog.

There are quick links to the next and previous page and another to view all entries. Clicking the More button displays links to the first and last page and every number in between.


Navigation Module

Making blog navigation even easier.

Bisma’s navigation module sits at the bottom of each entry. There are quick links back to the Blog and to the next and previous posts.

Clicking the More button displays a drop-down menu providing links to similar posts and relevant category and tag archives.

The Share button displays a drop-down menu providing the ability to share the post or page with popular social networks.


Author Cards

A little about the writer.

These cards provide a mini profile on the post author. They can be displayed on individual posts, author archives or both. The WordPress user admin area has been extended allowing social network links for each user. These will be displayed at the bottom of the author card.

A numbered badge next to the user name indicates the amount of posts written by the author, which also links to the writers archive.

Author Cards


Gorgeous attachment pages and navigation.

Bisma’s complete attachment pages are beautifully styled, displaying the attachment’s title, caption and description in a post-like format.

The attachment navigation provides links to cruise through other images attached to the same post. There are also quick buttons to download the attachment and to return to the original post.



Little effort, big results.

Shortcodes are easy to use, single lines of code that are used to create objects which would usually require complicated and complex markup.

Bisma is equipped with useful shortcodes to help you style typography and images, and create components such as notices and sections.



Beautiful icons for your social links.

Using the admin panel, you can insert profile links to 50 of the most popular social networks and services, selecting where you’d like them to appear.

You can also enable sharing of posts and pages through Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. In Bisma’s admin panel, you can enter your Twitter username for via @ tweets and your Facebook developer ID.


JavaScript Validation

Form evaluation before submission.

Bisma features built in comment and contact form validation. This checks for errors and missing fields, alerting the user of any errors before the form is submitted.

JavaScript Validation

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