Bedazzled – Crystal Texture Toolkit

Graphics, Layer Styles


Quickly and easily create beautiful crystal & gemstone effects without the hassle of sourcing materials and becoming a Photoshop wizard!

Bedazzled Crystal Texture Toolkit includes 50 one-click Photoshop Layer Styles. This pack has everything you need to create authentic crystal, diamond, and gemstone effects.

Simple 2-Step Process

  1. Double-click to install the Photoshop Layer Styles.
  2. Click on one of the 50 included styles to apply the crystal effect to your layer.

It’s literally that easy!

What’s In The Pack?

  • 50 Crystal Photoshop Styles (.ASL)

Features & Benefits

  • High quality digitally crafted crystal textures
  • 50 One-click Photoshop Layer Styles
  • All textures are seamless and tileable
  • Textures are 2048px x 2048px
  • One-click installation and implementation with Photoshop Styles
  • Use as much as you want on as many projects as you’d like
  • Works great with text and vector objects
  • Mix and match different textures to make unique pieces of art

Demo / Download

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