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The Dot Shop is a set of 15 Actions for Adobe Illustrator that enable you to apply a variety of quality halftone print effects to your designs in just a matter of seconds. Not only will they save you valuable time, but they also eliminate the need for you to use large vector textures that can often put a strain on your machine, which means no more pulling your hair out just to get that nice halftone effect that you wanted.

Each Action takes you through the process of applying the effects step by step, allowing you to customize settings and to create the results you really want. Run the Actions on type, logos, badges, emblems, icons, and more.

Also included is 10 raster halftone textures, all of which are perfect for adding a bit of extra texture to your designs.

What’s included

  • 15 Illustrator Actions for quick and easy vector halftone effects (.AIA)
  • 15 pattern Swatches designed to help you achieve the halftone effects (.AI)
  • 10 halftone background textures (3508 × 2480 px delivered in PNG format)
  • 2 Tracing Presets (for CS4 & CS5 users only)
  • A help file containing information on how to use the Actions

Demo / Download

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