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Sylph is a Multi-Path WordPress Blog Theme that comes packed with seemingly-endless features & customization. Built to be sweet & adaptive, Sylph features a simply gorgeous design on all of its 7 paths that were carefully built, using information from over 800 blogs, including only the best and only the best features these have, straight into the theme.

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Paths are more than simple demos. They are the representation of hard work & research, each path is crafted for ultimate usability, only including the most relevant features.

The path built for enthusiastic, everyday bloggers. Good for everyone, best for even more!

The path built for die-hard fashionistas, glamour and personal style. Bloggin’ ‘bout fashion? Do it the beautiful way.

A delicious path built for these who blog about food, eating – the serious gourmets. Share your recipes, kitchen stories and more with this path.

A fresh path built for travel bloggers, people who love being on the road; in other words: nomads. Tell others about your trips, let them know where you are – take your readers on a beautiful journey.

What’s there better than a mom’s warmth? The path built for moms who love to blog about family life, children, health and the likes. Engage your users with a cute, welcoming design and make them love you!

The healthiest path of all – blogging about lifestyle, health, living healthy and the likes? You’re up for a surprise. Revigorate your readers with a crispy clean design.

The serious path. You’re a businessman and your clear & precise views need to be expressed. Ain’t no better option for doing that than our path. Being a marketer, entrepreneur, or guru is hard work. Let us do the heavy- lifting.

On top of this, add a stellar support team that’ll always be there, beautiful shortcodes, multiple headers, 3 main layouts, over 30 widgets and much more.

Demo / Download

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