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Monstroid is a perfect solution for any WordPress website, whether it is a blog or a store. It is also quite universal, as both beginners and developers will be able to use it without any problems. Using the power of all those plugins included into the package one can do almost anything with the website powered by Monstroid theme.

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What’s so Special About Monstroid?

Monstroid is a universal theme that can be used for designing any website. Initially, it has the main theme i.e. Monstroid, and an assortment of child themes created for various business niches.


Important: Each month you’ll get a selection of up to 15 fresh child themes that can be also used for building a site. In this way you can build a custom site with the help of the main theme or use one of the multiple readymade child themes and adapt any of them to your project. Purchasing Monstroid you will get a single site license, but you can get an additional +4 or +9 licenses that allow you to use this theme on 5 and 10 sites respectively. (Multiple domain purchase option will be added a bit later).

A pack of 145 pre-designed pages is included as well. These pages offer all possible layout variations, with different structures, blocks, interface elements, etc.


Monstroid Installation Wizard is a one-of-a-kind solution used to install all theme components with just a few clicks.  All the theme files are downloaded from the cloud. You just need to press the ‘Next’ button and wait until the installation is complete. You only need to install the plugin and paste the license key of the theme. The plugin will do the rest automatically.


Skin switcher is another cool feature of Monstroid as it allows admins and users to switch between different skins: flat, minimal, dark. For now, there are only three of them, but pretty soon, 5 more skins will be launched as well to the selection. Currently this feature works only within Monstroid theme.

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Due to multiple  style options users can easily choose one of four layouts: masonry, flat, grid, masonry flat.


The main theme can be used for building a professional WooCommerce store. It comes loaded with a variety of ready made product pages.  All you need to do is to customize the menu and upload your content. The child themes are WooCommerce-ready and can be converted into an online store.

One-in-Their-Kind Features

There are quite a lot of Monstroid’s features that can be useful for developers and beginners. Here are several most impressive tools specially created for developers:


Shortcode Templater – With its help you will be able to create shortcode templates and edit them in a quick and easy way.


Static Area Builder – Place header and footer elements anywhere on the site. All the changes can be done via a drag and drop interface.

Dynamic CSS – Allows users to change CSS code without changing the main file. Each time the new code is generated (but only when the option is ON).

СSS minifierThis feature minifies and compiles CSS code into a single file, which results in a boost to theloading speed boost.

DIY guys will highly appreciate following set of tools:

100+ Exclusive shortcodes

A set of 100+ shortcodes can help you edit your theme any way you want. Now you can create tabs, buttons, sliders, boxes, etc., with a single click.

Multiple Sliders on Board

Depending on your preferences you can choose from two slider plugins – MotoPress Slider and Cherry Simple Slider, which are included in the pack.

50+ Royalty-Free Graphics


With Monstroid you will get a set of 50+ licensed images that you’re permitted to use on your website.

Full Social Integration

Promote your website via social networks by linking the site to your social media profiles.

 New Functionality from Cherry 4.0

It is important to mention that Monstroid is powered by the latest Cherry Framework 4.0. This updated version encompasses a variety of tools and features that ensure fast and worry-free customization of any theme.

There is one quite useful option that allows you to make any changes over the site and not be afraid to ruin it. With the help of a backup feature, users will be able to restore the site at any stage of the customization process.

23 Powerful Plugins

An unmatched functionality of Monstroid is contained in a pack of 23 plugins that are available for absolutely no charge.

White label plugin

This tool will be useful for developers as it ensures deep customization of the WordPress dashboard panel, menus, logos, copyright, etc., to suit specific needs. In this way, you can create less confusing and more branded admin panel.

Built-in Premium MotoPress Editor

Unlike other similar themes that use page builders for customizing and editing, Monstroid features a premium MotoPress editor that makes this process much easier and faster. This plugin allows users to build any website or page visually by dragging and dropping the elements without changing a single line of code.

MotoPress Slider

Make the content look more attractive and stylish with a variety of stylization options. This plugin allows you to build any kind of slider or gallery and add it to any page.

Cherry Shortcodes

Over 100 readymade shortcodes and numbers of assorted shortcode variations are included.

Cherry Portfolio

This plugin allows you to build any kind of portfolio or gallery. It offers a set of powerful features and a range of cool visual effects that will make the images look more attractive.

Cherry Charts

Turn website statistics of the website into various types of charts, including: pie, bar, doughnut and progress bar.

Cherry Mega Menu

Improve your website navigation by means of the easily configurable Cherry Mega Menu. In addition to the links, you can also add images, buttons, lists and other elements to the dropdown panel of your menu.

Cherry Data Manager

Cherry Data Manager is a plugin designed to help you export/import website data with a single click of a mouse. It can be useful if you move the site to other hosting services and need to save the data.

Cherry Plugins Manager

This plugin helps you manage all the plugins of your theme with just a few clicks.  You can upload/activate/delete all Monsteroid plugins from a single interface.

Monstroid Wizard 

Wizard is a one-of-a-kind solution used to install all theme components with just a few clicks.  All the theme files are downloaded from the cloud. You just need to press the ‘Next’ button and wait until the installation is complete.

Cherry Simple Slider

Consolidate multiple images and videos in an easy-to-navigate slider. You can add slides with captions to different pages of your site and easily format them via an intuitive panel of settings.

Cherry Grid

Enhance your website architecture by means of Cherry Grid. In the admin panel, you can choose any grid type (header, content or footer) and tweak it by such criteria as inherit, wide, and boxed.

Cherry Social

Integrate your site with social networks to promote your business among a wider audience. This plugin provides social login & registration, share & like buttons, follow icons, and commenting option.

Cherry Ranking

Enable visitors to rate your product or any other images. With star rankings, they will look more reliable to other customers, which can help you turn the decision-making process in your favor.

Cherry Team

Add a new post type to display the team member profiles. These posts can be edited the same way as the regular ones, so customization won’t be an issue.

Cherry Services

Creating “Services” posts are easier than ever. It offers an assortment of additional features that allow you to add custom fields and styles quickly and easily.

Cherry Testimonials

Format all kinds of testimonial posts with the help of this specially designed plugin. It ensures fast and worry-free customization, the same as with the regular posts.

Cherry Blog Layouts

Change the layout of the blog without any coding skills, just with the help of your mouse. Cherry Blog layouts allow you to add or remove sidebars, change position of posts, etc.

Cherry Custom Sidebars

Use custom sidebars to display additional info along with the main content on the page. This plugin allows the creation of sidebars in the admin panel without touching the theme code.

Monstroid Skin Switcher

This plugin allows you to change the skins of the site without any problem. You can choose one of several styles offered in the collection without changing the code.

Mail Chimp

Get more subscribers with the Mail Chimp plugin. With its help you can add various sign-up forms and checkboxes to the site.

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

This tool can be useful for WooCommerce stores. It not only allows you to add a wishlist function to the store, but also to track users’ interests. In addition, visitors will be able to share their wishlist on social networks.

YITH WooCommerce Compare

Another plugin specially designed for eCommerce sites that allows users to compare the products available on your site. The results are displayed in a table where you can see all the features of each product.

Free Lifetime Support and Updates


When purchasing Monstroid you also get a free lifetime support with 2-4 hour response time. You can choose the most appropriate way to contact the support team. There is an online chat that is available from the WordPress admin panel. By using this, you can ask any question and receive an answer in real time. It is unlikely that you will find the same support option anywhere else.

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