Carioca Script Pro Font



Carioca Script Pro was inspired the lettering from the RCA Records Stereo Action Series from the 1960’s. It’s a signature script that is both elegant yet slightly bouncy and truly singsā€¦lending a happy-go-lucky flavor to any design. This script is loaded with extra features – truly giving Carioca Script Pro something to sing about.

Opentype features include:

  • Swash Capitals.
  • Initial and Final forms of Lowercase letters via Stylistic & Contextual Alternates.
  • Full set of Inferiors and Superiors for limitless fractions.
  • Oldstyle figures.
  • Ordinals.
  • 10 Flourishes included in Carioca Script Pro. 90 Flourishes in Carioca Script Flourishes.

Demo / Download

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