Conifer Sans Serif Font



Conifer is a blocky geometric sans serif font that adheres to strict grid rules in order to define its corner angles. Its seemingly rigid form is tempered by the soft, rounded corners, and fine notched details present at acute angles in the glyphs. Available in a clean solid and a varied, textured rough. The result is a rugged, retro, typeface that is at home in fashion lookbooks and wood-carved park signage alike.

Using the power of OpenType, Conifer Rough has a second set of contextual alternates (on A-Z, numerals, and other select glyphs), so when two of the same glyph are near each other, the distressed texture will be different, resulting in a natural, hand-weathered look.

What’s Included

  • Conifer Solid (OTF)
  • Conifer Rough (OTF)

Demo / Download

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