The Typographer’s Toolbox



A pack of 16 lovingly-crafted, hand-lettered and brushed fonts that have been created carefully to blend harmoniously together in your typographic designs and projects.

And to make your designs even more typ-o-licious, this pack also includes a super-handy set of over 80 hand-doodled illustrations – designed to fit right in with the fonts and your typographic masterpieces.

All you have to do is download the pack, grab some coffee, get comfy, unzip…and let the magic begin…. let the fonts do their business seemingly effortlessly in your design projects.

Go wild with Invitations, Greeting cards, T-shirts, Mugs, Tots, Packaging, Logos, Branding, Apparel, Textiles…. you name it..and its done.


1.) 16 Authentic looking Hand-Lettered Fonts:

  • Bacon Sandwich: A no-nonsense uppercase , sans-serif typeface done with a broad-tip fine-liner.
  • Fish & Chips : A Jaunty,playful, tall uppercase font set, made with a thin felt tip.
  • Fox & Bear : A cute and charming uppercase font with varying thickness in its letters.
  • Gingerbuck : An unshaded quirky font with thin inky edges.
  • Habaneros : A Casual Brush Painted Font, with varying brush pressure, and watery lines.
  • Handsome Hand : A Hand-lettered Calligraphy Script made with a good old fashioned nib and ink, and irregular baselines, with a touch of refinement frivolity.
  • Heartstrings : A playful tall font with sharp lines of varying thickness and a haphazard baseline.
  • Hunterswood : A blockish san serif font made with a thick tip square marker, and a little love and care.
  • Lemon Squeeze : A messy hand brushed font painted with haste and abandon!
  • Mustache : A super cute and playful inky script with a touch of mischief.
  • Rembrandt: A Thin painted dry brush script with flamboyance and a rebellious personality.
  • Shopaholics : A javial sans serif jotted font with a loud boastful character.
  • Stalemates : A Smooth Monoline script with inky imperfections, and a tall physique.
  • Stringbeans : A little 3D and a little inky, with round edges and a fine tip.
  • Sugarbush : A hand lettered calligraphy-type script, with a few inky imperfections and wobbles.
  • Zanjeros: A tall uppercase Brush Script with messy edges and a playful nature.

2.) A super handy set of vector based Illustrated bits and bobs to compliment the font set – and the designs you make with them – available in psd/eps and ai.

Demo / Download

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