Illustrator CC pencil brushes

Brushes, Graphics


You’ll get a library of 92 pressure sensitive, realistic pencil brushes for Adobe Illustrator CC. They are based on actual graphite pencil strokes; as such they have varying degrees of blackness and hardness, from especially soft (8B) to hard (3H). There are brushes to suit different path lengths.

One brush library:

  • 92 pencil brushes
  • Fully editable

One .eps10 file, vector graphics:

  • This file contains 92 vector objects, pencil strokes of different lenghts. These objects match the pencil brushes on the brush library you’re receiving
  • Editable

One HELP.pdf file:

  • How to install
  • How to use
  • Trick!

These brushes work best on white or clear backgrounds.

Demo / Download

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