DotMan ToolKit Vintage Comic Effects

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Dotman Toolkit is inspired by the old system comic books printing of the early 30s and that lasted until the late 80s, the system was known as 4-color process or 4CP and characterized by being economical and of low quality.

The 4CP inspired many creators of Pop Art and remains today as a style in graphic design. The goal of Dotman Toolkit is to imitate all the aesthetics of old comic books.


  • Use only with Adobe Photoshop CS6 or higher. Earlier versions are not supported…Sorry!
  • Use the Color Charts of the Golden, Silver and Bronze Ages for coloring your artwork
  • All effects are editable
  • No plugins required
  • Documentation online in HTML with video tutorials

*This product is recommended only for use with illustrations. It does not work with pictures.


This product includes:

  • 8 Actions Sets with 48 actions in total
  • Old Paper Creator in .PSD: includes more than 10 paper scans from real sources
  • 2 Color Charts form Golden, Silver and Bronze Ages in .PDF file printed with Dotman 4-Color Process
  • 2 Color Swatches/Palettes in .ASE and .ACO for Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop
  • 1 Ink Texture Pattern Sets
  • 1 Halftone Dots/Lines Pattern Set
  • 1 inspiration gallery with 75 free images of close-ups of old comic books printed in 4-Color Process


Dotman is a toolbox, this is a small guide that will help you get very good results, the process is:

  1. Install assets
  2. Create your own Old Paper Texture
  3. Import your image on it
  4. Apply the necessary actions
  5. Edit or improve the effects
  6. Export or save your new image

Demo / Download

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