Niva Display Family Font



“Niva” is a display family font with 6 typographical groups in 10 weights each one, including a standard version, 2 italic widths, an alternative version and true small caps with italic version too.

The creative idea follows concepts like future, technology, science, the structural principle focus in simplify complex details on letterforms ‘clean corners’ giving a luminous and sophisticated design with a ‘technologique’ touch, built in legible proportions which works as well as ‘display (titles)’ and even at small ‘text’ requirements. Specially recommended to be applied on digital and prints contexts as magazines, books, printed ads, UI & website design, digital graphics, video and TV screen contents as videogames and mobile apps.

This is a full package, which include:

  • Niva
  • Niva Italic
  • Niva Italic Condensed
  • Niva SmallCaps
  • Niva SmallCaps Italic
  • Niva Alt

Demo / Download

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