The Unconventional Tarot Brush Pack

Brushes, Graphics


The Unconventional Tarot Brush Pack is inspired by the beautiful (but imperfect) look of tarot card illustrations. From the dribbly ink pens, cross hatching, decorative work, and texture work. This pack is a treasure chest of brushes and pencils that will surprise you and force you to bring your work to new places.

  • 26 Unconventional Tarot Photoshop Brush Presets including tarot pens, blotty ink, cross hatchers, stipplers, and more.
  • 10 Unconventional Tarot Photoshop Pencil Presets including scratchy textures, blotters, calligraphy pencils, and more.
  • Unconventional Brush “Quick Reference” sheet to quickly see how each brush looks.
  • 2 demo videos show brushes in action (with the name of each brush being used at the bottom of the screen)
  • Cover owl illustration PSD so you can reverse engineer it and learn exactly how it was built.
  • Quick and easy installation instructions (with pictures). RetroSupply Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee.

This new set of brushes delivers by giving you a powerful collection of brushes that do things you’ve never seen a brush do including:

  • Create angle sensitive crosshatching effortlessly.
  • Achieve goopy broken ink pen effects that never repeat.
  • Add adjustable scratchy textures to your work with the swoosh of your pen.
  • Add hand-drawn dots, stars, and more in mere seconds (instead of taking like 10 minutes).

Demo / Download

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