Top 10 Best Fonts For September 2014

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Top 10 Best Fonts For September 2014

1. Candlescript Pro Font


Candlescript font have MORE THAN 2850 GLYPHS, WOW.. MORE THAN 2850 GLYPHS !!! which is consist of Uppercaps, Smallcaps, Numerals, Fractions, Punctuations, Diacritical Marks, and most other Glyphs is a variation which is parts of the OpenType features such as Standard Ligatures, Discretionary Ligatures, Stylistic Alternates, Contextual Alternates, Tittling Alternates, and THOUSAND OF SWASHES.

Demo / Download

2. True North Font Pack


True North is a handmade vintage inspired font and monoline script that comes with wonderful illustrations.

Demo / Download

3. Gin Typeface


Like a brother to the Bourbon family, Gin is distilled from similar letterforms, but condensed less. This vintage display typeface was inspired by the likes of old serifs and classic bottles of whiskey and gin.

The full family includes Gin’s 8 styles: Regular, Oblique, Lines, Lines Oblique, Rough, Rough Oblique, Round, and Round Oblique (All .OTF files).

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4. The Wallington Typeface


Wallington is a decorative-serif font embodying vintage and elegant curves with functional structure. Inspired by Old English cultures and their descendants between the mid-5th century and the mid-12th Century. Crafted with love and easy-to-read letter design.

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5. Splandor Typeface


Splandor Typeface, another display serif font with handdraw style.

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6. Stringfellows Typeface


I’m just completely in love with all hand-lettered artwork at the moment…I could stare at all of it for hours on end…particularly typographical quote posters…and wedding invites….and custom address stamps …I couldn’t take it any longer and just had to make something reflective of all of the beautiful custom hand lettered creations out there.

Demo / Download

7. Butcher & Block Typeface + Extras


Introducing the new Butcher and Block Typeface …..another carefully hand-made, quirky, versatile font, crafted with love 🙂

Demo / Download

8. Seaworthy Typeface & Nautical Pack


Seaworthy Typeface & Nautical Vector Pack

Demo / Download

9. Harman Font Pack


Harman Font Family includes Seven fonts and their inline forms that have different styles from each other but at the same time compatible with together. This font collection is completely hand-maden. In addition to, it includes very useful extra elements.

Demo / Download

10. Cantoni Total Design Font


The Cantoni Total Design Font family is a hand lettered font with a variety of standard and alternate characters that play together well. And with a total of 1265 glyphs, you can play for as long as you like.

Demo / Download

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