Chivels – Chiseled Vintage 3D Type


Chivels comes with 6 total fonts that you can combine each other to give different style effect. Starting with a base, you can add more fonts in the upper layer layer with inner, chisel light, chisel dark. and underneath layer you can fill with outline, and shadow.

Alternate Characters are available on every single alphabetical characters. in the OTF version, you can select the alternate characters in the glyphs panel or open type panels. but if you use a software that’s not include open type features, you can use the TTF version.

What’s Inside (this also representing the positional layer):

  • Chivels Inner
  • Chivels Chisel Light
  • Chivels Chisel Dark
  • Chivels Base
  • Chivels Outline
  • Chivels Shadow

Demo / Download

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