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User Submitted Posts enables your visitors to submit posts and images from anywhere on your site.

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Adds a basic form via template tag or shortcode that enables your visitors to submit posts and upload images. User-submitted posts optionally include tags, categories, post titles, and more. You can set submitted posts as draft, publish immediately, or after some number of approved posts. Also enables users to upload multiple images when submitting a post. Everything super-easy to customize via Admin Settings page.


  • Let visitors submit posts from anywhere on your site
  • Option to set submitted images as featured images
  • Option to use WP’s built-in rich text editor for post content
  • Use template tag or shortcode to display the submission form anywhere
  • Includes input validation and customizable captcha and hidden field to stop spam
  • Post submissions may include title, tags, category, author, url, post and image(s)
  • Redirect user to anywhere or return to current page after successful post submission
  • Includes a set of template tags for displaying and customizing user-submitted posts
  • HTML5 submission form with streamlined CSS styles
  • NEW! Use your own custom form template and stylesheet
  • NEW! 14 action/filter hooks for advanced customization

More Features

  • Option to receive email alert for new submitted posts
  • Option to set logged-in username as submitted-post author
  • Option to set logged-in user’s URL as the submitted URL
  • Option to set a default submission category via hidden field
  • Option to disable loading of external JavaScript file
  • Option to specify URL for targeted resource loading
  • Multiple emails supported in email alerts

Image Uploads

  • Optionally allow/require visitors to upload any number of images
  • Specify minimum and maximum width and height for uploaded images
  • Specicy minimum and maximum number of allowed image uploads for each post
  • Includes jQuery snippet for easy choosing of multiple images


  • Control which fields are displayed in the submission form
  • Choose which categories users are allowed to select
  • Assign submitted posts to any registered user
  • Customizable success, error, and upload messages
  • Plus options for the captcha, auto-publish, and redirect-URL
  • Option to use classic form, HTML5 form, or disable only the stylesheet

Post Management

  • Custom-fields saved with each post: name, IP, URL, and any image URLs
  • Set submitted posts to any status: Draft, Publish, or Moderate
  • One-click post-filtering of user-submitted posts on the Admin Posts page
  • Includes template tags for easy display of post attachments and images

Demo / Download

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