The Ultimate ScreenPrinting Kit

Graphics, Layer Styles


The Ultimate Screen Printing Kit Smart PSD. This smart PSD effect kit makes it easy to give your work realistic screen print style effects. It’s easy to use.

Demo / Download

Here’s how it works:

1. Place up to 3 different color layers into the clearly marked folders.
2. Adjust the real handmade screen print textures for each color.
3. That’s it! Your work has a beautiful custom screen print effect applied to it.

In addition to The Ultimate Screen Printing Kit PSD you’ll also get:

• [SPECIAL BONUS] 10 Exclusive Halftone Vectors created by Rob Brink
• Digital Screen Printing Handbook – a brief guide to getting realistic results from your kit
• 8 High Resolution Screen Pulls you can use in your work
• 8 Ink Roller and Rough Ink Textures.
• 3 Premium Video Tutorials.

Demo / Download

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