Origram Pro Font + Bonus



Origram Pro is the full version of Origram Free Font, a font with over 109k downloads, and counting! This font was already featured in dozens of websites and Design Blogs.

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Inspired in the Origami and Tangram tradition, the basic shape is an octagon. Geometrical and regular, resulting in a neat and captivating display font. Not particularly conceived to be used in common text, this stylized font will add value to any large scale image within the realm of logos & branding, outdoors, packaging, titles, magazines, posters, signs, shirts, scrap-booking… Your imagination is the limit.

This display font comes now with Uppercases, updated Lowercases, Numbers, and a slew of new Diacritic Marks and Punctuation Marks. A large number of special characters was included in the package, enriching the font’s versatility and usability.

Supports these main Languages: Czech, Polish, Albanian, Icelandic, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese, Estonian, French, Croatian, Slovenian, Spanish, Catalan, German, Norwegian, Danish, Afrikaans, Italian, Dutch and English.

Demo / Download

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