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Create your own STATIONERY / HERO / HEADER Mock Up compositions or use ready created with our “Scene Generator”. All items have dynamic shadows, so you can move, rotate, scale any item and get the same best result with light effect. These files are in high resolution, so that you can make little or big scene for your needs.

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So Totally:
• 116 Separated Elements;
• Drag & Drop Stage Generator (Move objects into them easily)
• Dynamic Shadows;
• 25 Ready psd STAGES ;
• Bonus Backgrounds;
• Based on professional photos;
• Well organized layers and folders;
• Changeable objects design and background;
• Photofilter and global light for each scene;

Separated Items with dynamic shadows:
001_Business card (textured paper)
002_Business cards with a binder clip
003_Business card 3 (90×50)
004_Business card 4 (85×55)
005_DL Envelope (front)
006_DL Envelope (back)
007_Envelope C5 (front)
008_Envelope C5 (back)
009_Envelope C4 (front)
010_Envelope C4 (back)
011_Small envelope 2 (front)
012_Small envelope 2 (back)
013_Small envelopes
015_CD envelope (opened)
016_CD envelope (front)
017_CD envelope (back)
018_Black CD envelope (opened)
019_Black CD envelope (front)
020_Black CD envelope (back)
021_Paper stickers
022_Design paper samples
023_Notebook 6
024_Magazine A5 (cover)
025_Magazine A5 (inside)
026_Latterhead A4
027_Design paper A4 (black)
028_Paper folder
029_Paper folder (inside)
031_Clipboard 2 (black)
032_Clipboard 2 (blue)
033_Notepad (small)
034_Leather notebook 3 (front, 9×14)
035_Notebook 4 (front, 9×14)
036_Notebook 4 (inside)
037_Leather notebook 4 (front, 9×14)
038_Leather notebook 4 (back, 9×14)
039_Leather notebook 2 (back,15×20)
040_Notebook 3 (front)
041_Notebook 3 (inside)
043_Leather notebook 1 (A4)
044_Notebook 5 (Silver cover)
045_Booklet cover 2 (design paper)
046_Booklet cover 1 (design paper)
047_Notebook 1
048_Notebook 2
049_Notepad A5
050_Notepad A5 (pages)
051_Notepad A5_Page
052_Sketch Book
053_Sketchbook 2
054_Office Notebook 1
055_Office Notebook 2
056_Kraft paper bag (small)
057_Kraft paper bag
058_White paper bag 1
059_Black paper bag 1
060_Brown paper bag
061_Black paper bag 2
062_White paper bag 2
063_Tubus (black)
064_Tubus (white)
065_Tubus (cardboard)
066_Pen box (top)
067_Pen box (bottom)
068_Golden pen
069_Pen 3
070_Pen 1
071_Pen 4
072_Stapler 2
076_Textile case
079_Headphones 1
080_Headphones 2
081_Black cup (side)
082_Black cup (top)
083_Metal cup 1 (side)
084_Metal cup 1 (top)
085_Metal cup 2 (side)
086_Metal cup 2 (top)
087_Paper cup (side)
088_Paper cup (top)
089_Coffee Mug
090_Leather wallet
091_Leather bag 1
092_Leather bag 2
093_Leather Business Card Holder 1
094_Leather Business Card Holder 2
095_Label 1
096_Label 2
097_Label 3
098_Label 4
100_Tape 1
101_Tape 2
103_Pencils 1
104_Pencils 2
106_Pencils 3
107_Pencils 4
108_Pencils 5
109_Pencils 6
110_Pencils 7
111_Water paints
112_Artist Brush
113_Artist Brush 2
114_Tin box (square)
115_Tin box (round)

Demo / Download

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