Custom Scene – Bundle Edition

Graphics, Product Mockups


The Best Scenes ever made in one-single-product Your product, brand, voice, content on its own is great, but with a great presentation it’s even greater. Custom Scene will allow you to create beautiful scenery to enhance your presentations. Start making your scene in an affordable way in just a few steps.

This isn’t just a bundle of previous editions, it’s a new product. It includes 150 Items in 6 Editions and 27 Pre-made scenes.

Bundle Includes

  • Custom Scene – Designer Ed. – Vol. 1 (Standard Resolution & Rasterized Version)
  • Custom Scene – Artist Ed. – Vol. 1 (Standard Resolution & Rasterized Verson)
  • Custom Scene – Feminine Ed. – Vol. 1 (Standard Resolution & Rasterized Verson)
  • Custom Scene – Card Ed. – Vol. 1 (Standard Resolution)
  • Custom Scene – Designer Ed. – Vol. 2 (Standard Resolution & Rasterized Verson)
  • Custom Scene – Feminine Ed. – Vol. 2 (Standard Resolution)
  • Exclusively in this bundle: 27 Pre-made Scenes (Standard Resolution)

Main Features

  • 150+ items
  • 27 Pre-made Scenes Scenes
  • Photograph based
  • Standard Resolution & Rasterized Version: 2400×1600 pixel resolution in 72 dpi
  • Add your content with smart objects
  • Customize color object
  • Organised layers and folders
  • Separate all objects and shadows
  • Dynamic Shadow
  • Changeable background
  • Instruction PDF file

Standard Resolution Perfect for your project on the go. The right size and resolution for web, presentations, Facebook header, Etsy products, etc.

Rasterized Version This version is made for non-photoshop users. Still a PSD file, but each layer is rasterised, so that makes the file compatible with lots more software other than Photoshop. You now can create, build and customise your scene on Photoshop Elements or even on Pixlr.

Demo / Download

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