Top 10 Best New Fonts For August 2015

Best Top 10, Fonts


Top 10 Best New Fonts For August 2015

1. Faith & Glory Script Fonts


Faith and Glory is a set of 2 hand-painted brush fonts, designed to perfectly combine with one another and allow you to create beautiful typography with a personal touch. Faith and Glory comes with upper and lowercase characters as two separate fonts, punctuation, numerals, and supports international languages. Alternates are available for key characters, you can access these by switching between upper & lower case characters within the 2 fonts.

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2. Melika Script Font


Melika script is copperplate handwritten with stylish modern free flowing up and down as if playing jumping on a trampoline but still beautiful with its simplicity. Especially long lines add elegance. Melika script very personal present to you a dynamic, energetic and simple. Melika Script is suitable for weddings, invitations, greeting cards, quotes, posters, branding, name card, etc. Melika Script come complete with 358 glyphs. This includes uppercase, lowercase, Numerals, Fractions, Punctuations, multi lingual support. and most other Glyphs is a variation which is parts of the OpenType features.

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3. Flamingo – Formal Script


Flamingo is handwritten modern script calligraphy font with numerous alternates. You are welcome to use it for various purposes: logo, wedding invitation, headings, signatures, t-shirt, letterhead, signage, labels, posters etc. 12-20 alternates for each single letter (440 alternates) Total glyphs 657, includes multilingual symbols.

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4. Storywells Font


Hand written lettering could feel more personal when it comes to tell a story. Storywells is a hand-drawn lettering typeface which is natural and personal. Bouncing irregularly so it is feel like something beauty dancing with the flow. With the complete set of alternative characters for lowercase, you are able to create a composition that look like lettering written by hand. Storywells suitable for any designs with natural feeling, it can be anything from wedding invitation, greeting cards, quotes, branding, etc. Storywells has useful set of opentype features such as ligature, contextual alternates, and stylistic sets.

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5. Austtin Type Hand Painted Typeface


Austtin type is hand painted typeface designed to help you create the look of stunning custom hand-lettering. Austtin type comes with upper and lowercase characters, punctuation, numerals, and swashes. Austtin type is very best choice fonts for : ,quotes, Posters, Logos, Print Ads, Digital Ads, Promotion Product, video bumper, etc. Stylistic alternates for key lower case characters are also available, accessible in the Adobe Illustrator Glyphs panel, or under Stylistic Alternates in the Adobe Photoshop OpenType menu.

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6. Annabella Calligraphy Script


Meet Annabella. Elegant and sweet hand-lettered calligraphy style script. She’s soon to be your favorite for weddings, stationary, logos and more. 9 Lower-case styles. 3 Upper-case styles. Additional Ampersands and Common Letter Combinations. Multi-lingual Glyphs. International and Special Punctuation.

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7. Brenda Script Font


Brenda Script is a beautiful formal script, contemporary typeface with classic root and elegant touch. Can be used for various purposes.such as logos, wedding invitation, heading, t-shirt, letterhead, signage, lable, news, posters, badges etc. Brenda Script features 405+ glyphs and 160 alternate characters. including initial and terminal letters, swashes, alternates, ligatures and multiple language support.

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8. Adelina Script Font


Adelina is modern calligraphy script that was painted in watercolor by soft brush. The basic principle of creation is striping of thick and thin lines. It can be used in different goals: romantic cards lettering, t-shirt design, package design and others. This font have some alternates that changing automatically: double and final letters in the words. It makes the typeface more diverse and live.

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9. Zailla Script Font


Zailla is a script typeface beautiful calligraphy and modern. This font is suitable for a wide range of products each project, such as wedding invitations, greeting cards, correspondence, and various other purposes and many more. This language support that some international fonts, there are 439 glyphs and 191 Altenate so many options that you can use for your projects.

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10. Melika Letter, Melika script family


Melika Letter: Hand Lettered Calligraphy Font with beautiful wave and natural flow. This fonts is the sister of Melika Script. have unique letter, with natural handdrawn style, and has a softer and smoother character with finely connected all of characters. They have beautiful simple elegant swashes in separated font, You can use any graphic design software to access the alternative letters. Melika Letter is suitable for weddings, invitations, greeting cards, quotes, posters, branding, name card, stationary, design title, blog header, art quote, typography art, modern envelope lettering or book design, happening style like handdrawn design or watercolor design theme, craft design, any DIY project, book title, wedding font, pop vintage design, or any purpose to make our art/design project look pretty and trendy. Melika Letter come complete with 361 glyphs. This includes uppercase, lowercase, numerals, fractions, punctuations, multi lingual support. and most other glyphs is a variation which is parts of the OpenType features.

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